Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sprucing Up Your Facebook Timeline

For all of you with business pages on Facebook (and as a primer for those that don't have one yet):

With a rapidly approaching March 31 deadline to change over to the Timeline format, this handy guide will help you make the most of Facebook and the new format: http://next.inman.com/2012/03/how-to-get-started-with-facebook-timeline-for-pages/

Falling up (updated)!

We've been in it from the beginning (or near enough for blogging). Producers, Designers, Engineers, Project Managers. We've built dozens of applications and web sites. Odds are you have been on one of the sites or used one of the applications we built.
Over the last 12 years we have hired dozens of project managers, engineers and designers. When it comes time to pitch the ones we want, the primary selling point is the experience you gain working on multiple applications for multiple clients at one time.
With us, the pitch goes, the candidate is going to get the experience and skill set that allows them to get the next position. And as no company guarantees permanent employment, the closest any of us comes to job security is that ability to get the next gig.
And despite the burst of the bubble and the subsequent employment roller coaster, this axiom has proven nearly bulletproof: the people that we hired, mentored, trained or just worked around have universally 'fallen up' when they left. Whether its an engineer becoming CTO, a Project Manager making VP, or a designers transitioning to Product Manager. Entering and surviving the agency crucible in last 8 years has qualified the survivors to follow their dreams with success that would have been unimaginable before they entered the fire.
Four years ago we determined it was time to take all that experience and 'fall up' ourselves. From our safe spots in agencies and companies, we headed out to build our own consulting agency and take job security, project quality and client satisfaction into our own hands.
With nearly a half decade in this, the results are encouraging -
Upside: amazing bursts of genius come much more frequently when the mortgage is on the line with each one.
Downside: working virtually means fewer people around to share the brilliance with
Upside: commute is 30 seconds
Downside: miss the 30-45 minutes of downtime that came with commute
upside: shorts and flip-flops are business-casual most days
Downside: none
Upside: master of our own destinies
Downside: no one is master of their own destiny and we are finding that out daily
This blog will be our forum - here we will analyze, emote, explain, vent and generally keep you all apprised of the progress of our adventure in 'falling up'.